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Did you know that during the periods of just after sunset and just before sunrise, many satellites are easily seen with the naked eye?  At these times, they are still in sunlight high overhead, but the sun has already set where you are.  In fact, one of the brightest objects in the sky nowadays is the International Space Station (ISS) when it passes overhead just after sunset.  It's already the largest man-made object in space and when completed it will have a mass of over one million pounds!  The Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), and numerous other satellites may be seen with the naked eye, even from suburban areas.  You just need to know when to look up!

It's Extremely Accurate.  Zoom-in with the vector-based, scalable map.

FlyOver predicts satellite fly-over times and helps you spot it.  FlyOver uses the same kind of equations that NORAD uses, so it's extremely accurate, too. Your kids will love it (if you need an excuse to play a little).  I went to the Academy thinking I'd be an astronaut, but my grades put an end to that thinking!  However, I'm still smart enough to figure out when one of my classmates will be flying over my house.

With FlyOver, just select a satellite from the database:

Import "fresh" data anytime:

Including the current local time:

And look up information on-line about many of the satellites:

Then, print out your FlyOver predictions for your selected satellite:

Or print out all of the satellites that you may observe tonight:

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